Hot sunshine over 39 degrees C appears in the North, Central

Today, the heat continues to occur throughout the North and Central region, the average temperature is relatively high from 36 – 39 degrees C.

Due to the influence of the western low pressure area, which is strongly developing and extending to the Southeast in combination with balloon effect, from today (June 22) to June 24, it is hot and hot in the North and Central. and intense heat, some places are particularly harsh, with the highest common temperatures of 36 – 39 degrees, some places above 39 degrees.

The North and Central regions of Vietnam have a hot and extremely hot sun with the highest common temperature of 37 – 40 degrees Celsius, where 41 – 42 degrees Celsius. The lowest relative humidity of the day is 30. – 50%. Time with temperature above 35 degrees C is from 10 – 18 hours.

The area of ​​Hanoi from June 22 – 24 has a hot sun, some places are particularly harsh with the highest common temperature of 37 – 39 degrees C, some places above 39 degrees C.

The scorching heat was hot all over the North

Today the UV index in Hanoi and Da Nang has a value of 8-9 with the effect of very high risk of harm to the human body when exposed to direct sunlight. The level of risk of natural disasters caused by heat is ranked at level 1.

From June 25, the hot weather in the above areas subsided.   

Due to the impact of hot and hot weather combined with low humidity in the air and southwest wind causing strong blowing effect, there is a high risk of fire and explosion in residential areas due to increasing demand for electricity and high risk of forest fires in the Central provinces. In addition, the heat can cause dehydration, exhaustion, heat stroke due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures.a

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