Hanoi: Only 26/70 industrial clusters have centralized wastewater treatment systems

Hanoi currently has 70 industrial clusters but only 26 are clustered with centralized wastewater treatment systems.

Urban Council of Hanoi City surveyed the water treatment system at Phung Xa mechanical and metal industrial complex (Thach That district). (Photo: New Hanoi)

Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment said that currently, there are 19/70 industrial clusters in the city have invested in concentrated waste water treatment system and put into stable operation; 5 clusters have completed the centralized wastewater treatment system but have not yet officially operated; 2 clusters have invested in waste water treatment systems but are not operating. The remaining 44 industrial clusters do not have a centralized wastewater treatment system, so waste water from production facilities in the cluster is treated by the enterprise or discharged directly into the environment …

The City Council of Hanoi City People’s Council has just implemented a program to supervise the implementation of legal regulations on wastewater treatment in industrial clusters in the city. 

Deputy Head of the Urban Management Board of People’s Council Hoang Thi Thuy Hang said that in the first phase, the environmental protection of industrial clusters has not been given adequate attention, resulting in a lack of water treatment infrastructure planning. concentrated discharge. In places where wastewater treatment stations exist, in addition to not having established a regulation on post-investment management, the majority of investors are district-level construction investment project management units, so they have not been able to take initiative in funding. management activities, leading to difficulties in operation. At Phung Xa Mechanical and Metal Industrial Cluster (Thach That District), the management and operation of the centralized wastewater treatment plant is still assigned to the commune level, resulting in low efficiency.

According to Mr. Hoang Cao Thang, Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Construction, the method of collecting wastewater treatment service fee from industrial clusters is not attractive, so investors cannot be called to implement projects in the form of socialization. . Therefore, the governing body should coordinate with the concerned branches in adjusting and finalizing the draft Program of supporting investment in technical infrastructure of industrial clusters in Hanoi city in the period of 2020-2023. Thereby assisting investors to build centralized wastewater treatment systems in accordance with regulations.

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